I salute all those who engage in such endeavours -- especially over
an extended period of time.

My lasting concern, having first attended an SGSR meeting in 1969, is
that the syestems we observe and describe somehow do not handle very
well the pre-logical preferences and personality dynamics between 
those who variously advocate them.

There have been various efforts to differentiate such preferences --
outside the systems world (see summaries in my Systems of Categories
Distinguishing Cultural Biases at

But in response to the suggestion now made, I would like to propose a
test case which endeavours to respond to the cognitive challenge of
the number of elements distinguished in any set of fundamental
principles and the system constituted by successviely increasing sets
of categories. See:

Distinguishing Levels of Declarations of Principles

This forms part of a study of

Patterns of Conceptual Integration

The methodology is described in:

Beyond Method: engaging opposition in psycho-social organization

For whatever this contribution is worth to the proposed project!


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What we need to understand may only be expressible
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