Welcome to IISII, my attempt to promote what is in my opinion state of the art science.


Ludwig von Bertalanffy identified three operational domains of systemic inquiry that need to be considered together, the philosophy, the science and the technology.(1) This was later generalized by Bela H Banathy to philosophy, theory and methodology. During our work with the ISSS Primer, Bela and I introduced a fourth domain, action, deemed worthy of a domain of its own, was added making four domains. Thus we have to consider in any systemic inquiry, using this conceptual scheme, all of the four domains --general principles, particular applications, planning for action, and implementation. All of these are "recursive" and are derived from the general system principle.


The advantage of four instead of three becomes obvious when the domains are conceptually integrated. Integration of the four is as follows - Philosophy and Science integrate as "Knowledge" while Methodology and Practice integrate as "action." Thus we have a potential integration of Knowledge and Action or Enlightened Doing. Marcus Schwaninger puts it as "Being".